Vote for Raila, Luhyia elders tell Kenyans




Luhyia Council of elders Forum has asked western region to vote out the Jubilee government, saying its continued stay in power would be disastrous.

Addressing the press in Bungoma, Council elders led by Patrick Wangamati (chairperson) said a government that condones corruption and tribalism its people using the police had no moral authority to rule and must be sent home.

They further urged the region to back the Raila Odinga during the fresh elections, observing that NASA represents the aspirations of most Kenyans.

“Revolution is sweeping Kenya where tribalism and corruption will be got rid of and NASA will be taking over the government,” they said.

He however, the applauded the Supreme Court verdict on the dismissal of disputed presidential elections.

The elders gave examples how presidential results were manipulated in Bungoma County In favor Of Jubilee.

At the same time, Andrew Okumu, the council member added that Kenya cannot be ruled by two communities and urged Kenyans to rally behind Nasa principal Raila Odinga.

“Suppression, oppression and arrogance of the ruling tribes have gone too high and this has demoralized voters “posed Okumu.

“Kenya needs change so the call for secession is worth. We need our voice to be heard on the ballot. Democracy cannot be compromised by software. We need where the majority have their way while the minority their say not vice versa.” he added.

He added that the fresh election will be decided on policies saying that NASA has the best strategy of inclusiveness.