In 2002, Kenyans came together with unity of purpose under Rainbow as a force against the establishment of axis of evil. We defeated the status quo and moved on.
In 2017, Kenyans are teaming up again with unity of purpose under NASA defeat establishment of thugs, robbers, thieves and murderers operating under corrupt leadership of Uhuru Kenyatta whose ugly legacy is impunity, nepotism and corruption.

Uhuru Kenyatta’ s government is the worst government ever to manage affairs of Kenyans. Stealing with impunity is the norm. Tribalism has penetrated all sectors of our livelihood and it has reached a point whereby CEOs of major Companies and Institutions have divorced theirs spouse just to marry a Kikuyu woman for survival to retain their positions or have a Kikuyu mistress (side kick woman) for survival purpose.

Criminal mind always erase evidence. So when you hear a criminal mind challenge you to produce evidence like in the case of Ann Waiguru, know that they are guilty as alleged. This is the kind of criminal mind we see in those serving under Uhuru Kenyatta. They challenge others to produce evidence of incrimination after stealing with impunity.
huru Kenyatta himself exhibited criminal mind when he stage-managed a State House Forum on corruption and acted defensive by lifting his hands in surrender mode on corruption. Which kind of leader with all national machinery and arsenals of power at his disposal surrender to thieves if he is not one of them?

With unity of purpose under NASA, we must defeat these a criminal government of Uhuru Kenyatta and institute the government of people in 2017 then engage a prosecutor to arrest these criminals, have them stand trial and send to jail. As far as i am concerned, Uhuru Kenyatta and his deputy William Rito deserve to be in jail with accomplices Ann Wiguru and Faruq Kibet.

Guys, words alone can not help. We only have 10 months to claim our country back from thieves, robbers, thugs and corrupt leadership of impunity and nepotism. All we have to do is to gang up against this vise under NASA. We did it in 2002 under Rainbow. We can do it again. Get out armed yourself with ammunition of votes and preach the true gospel of NASA to all who care to listen.

I believe Raila Odinga, Musalia Mudavadi, Kalonzo Musyoka, Moses Wetangula, Ali Hassan Joho, Gideon Moi, You and I have what it take to claim back our country.