Third student pay fees by selling handbags and necklaces

Drusline Makokha, a student at Masinde Muliro University of Science and Technology (Mmust) who deals in fashion and designs –Photo/CGN



By CGN Reporter

After completing her form four studies at Musoli Girls in Ikolomani Sub County, Drusline Makokha Musoli girls in Khwisero had Sh200 as her pocket money savings.

And from the home science knowledge she gained while in high school, Ms Makokha decided to start a small business as she waited for the release of Kenya Certificate of Secondary Education (KCSE) in January 2016. She got a C + (plus) in KCSE.

She started making necklaces and earrings from beads and male bow ties.

In an interview with the County Guardian News, Ms Makokha now 21 years, said she used to sell her products to her family friends and relatives.

Makokha said she sold the necklaces and bow ties she had made during the December festivities to her cousins and aunts and got Sh530, making a profit of Sh330.

“My parents were in full support of what I was doing especially my mother who helped me in making the necklaces and bow ties. She marketed my products to her friends in church and at social events,”

In 2017 after joining Masinde Muliro University of Science and Technology (Mmust) the demand for designer handbags and dresses by modelling students made her try her luck in the venture.

The second born girl in a family of seven children said she had saved Sh3000 and during the Miss Mmust 2017/18 beauty competitions, the models hired her to design for them African wear dresses, bows ties, necklaces and handbags.

“My mother gave me an extra Sh7000 to make it Sh10,000. I designed the dresses as per the designs they wanted and hired a tailor to help me do the work within the stipulated timelines I had been given,” said Makokha.

She added: “I used to sell the dresses and handbags at Sh3,500 and Sh2,000 respectively. The necklaces I sold them at Sh350 and bow ties at Sh300. After the two weeks’ competitions, I had Sh25,000. I paid back the loan I had taken from my mother and got a profit of Sh10,000,”

Makokha said the beauty pageants contest was an eye opener to her and now decided to expand her enterprise.

The third year English/Literature student of Mmust started trading as Dru – glam designs. She said she now sells her products to her fellow students and lecturers at the university and Kakamega residents.

“I have hired two tailors who I pay Sh5000 a month each. They help me in making my products and I have plans to buy at least three sewing machines so as to reduce production costs. I now sell pillow bags, custom made bags, hand bags and African wear attires,” said Makokha.

On a good month, she makes a profit of between Sh15,000 and Sh30,000 which she uses to pay for her accommodation and school fees.

Makokha said she wakes up at 4am to do her studies and by 6:00 she goes to the gym for exercise. “During my free time, am always with my tailors making orders from my customers,’

She urged her fellow students to be entrepreneurs and stop bothering their parents with phone calls demanding pocket money.