Realignments take shape in Bungoma politics as rivals unite



With  the political  campaigns  having  kicked  off, Bungoma County  is witnessing  a flurry of   re-alignments   as a  number  of politicians  are   seeking to   work with  political parties  which  are  ordinarily their  competitors ostensibly with the aim of blocking candidates from  their own coalitions from winning seats hence destroy their chances.

Fresh revelations   are focusing on the   ODM  Bungoma Gubernatorial Candidate  Alfred  Waswa Khang’ati who is   said to   have held  a series  of  private  meetings with  one of the co-coordinators  for the Jubilee  campaign in Western Region one   Evans Kakai who happens  to be  a Commissioner with the Kenya Revenue Authority – KRA. Why Kakai   is meddling in Bungoma Politics  is any one’s guess  but  word has  it  that  he may be doing this  to secure  his Directorship  position  at KRA if Uhuru and Ruto  are lucky  to win  a second term.

It is  lately emerging that   Khang’ati  has been using Kakai  as   a bridge  and  connection  to  Jubilee ‘s Deputy  Party Leader  from whom Khang  ’ati   is said to have received  hundreds of   millions  of shillings which he   is already dishing out    across the County. This fact  was witnessed when he convened   a meeting of  ODM officials and Party Candidates in Webuye last  week  at which he chest thumbed and boasted that despite having  kept  away from the County  most of the time since the last general election, he  was now  ready and financially able to mount a formidable and winning  campaign.

It is instructive  to note that Khang’ati’s  new found fortunes come in the wake  a financially  strapped situation in which he had found himself  in  amid speculations that he had even decided to   quit  active politics altogether had it   not  been  for this Jublee intervention to salvage his dwindling   fortunes. Political observers in the County are deeply  concerned that Khang’ati has chosen to take  this route of betrayal to  his own coalition.

Mr. Sabastian Wasiche Okubasu  an ODM member in Bungoma town  told   your popular Weekly Citizen writer that despite Khang’ati having received support  from  people in town   and Kanduyi at large   in  his Gubernatorial bid during the  2013 Elections  he should  not expect the   same support this this time around since he  is hell bend to working against NASA  and the Coalition’s Presidential Flag Bearer  Raila Amolo Odinga  by  going to bed with  the likes  of Lusaka.

Moreover said Wangila  Sifumbukho from  Walala  area in Kanduyi ,” the parents and Community of Walala Primary school will never forget the remarks  made by  Khang’ati  in which he blamed Walala people for  re-producing like  rats when  we  pleaded  him for Funds from CDF to house  our  children who were learning under trees and in caves while he  was Kanduyi Member  of parliament”. Continued Sifumbukho, “ when he attempted to be Governor  the  other  time  it  was obvious that he had failed  as Kanduyi MP  na watu wengi  walitaka aangukie juu”

Khang’ati’s   about turn to work with Jublee  agents has come as a big surprise  to  many  in the County who have  all along  known  him as ODM Leader Raila Amolo Odinga’s  close  allay  and  associate  having been an Assistant Minister   in Raila’s  office  when the ODM king pin  was a Prime Minster  during the 20007 to 2013 Coalition Govern ment. He  is now  bei  ng accused of  working to divide the Nasa Vote by directly and indirectly  supporting  Jublee  through these and other tricky  schemes.

During  the Webuye  meeting  Khang’ati did not hide  the fact  he  was the biggest and number one enemy of NASA UNITY    when he came out with guns  blazing  with claim that  he would rather  work with the  politically troubled and beleaguered  Bungoma Governor Kenneth Makelo Lusaka of Jublee   than co-operating  with anyone  from the NASA Coaltion.

Meanwhile Human Rights activists in Bungoma  County have appealed to the Retired Arch- Bishop Wabukala EACC  Anti – Corruption Body not to  clear Khang’ati to contest the Gubernatorial  seat  for having obtained his  ODM Nomination   Party  Certificate corruptly and through the back door. Our extensive investigations reveal that although all  other candidates  paid  for  their nomination, Khang’ati  did not pay anything  going against Party rules  and in contravention of the law of  the land  as governed by  Political  Parties Act.

Additionally the  Activists led by Musa Lukoye himself   an ODM  member  say that Khang’ati  has a Truth  Justice  Reconciliation  Commission – TJRC  hanging  on  his head  having been  barred from ever holding Public office for   getting involved  in  an altercation with a  local Kenya National  Union  of Teachers – KNUT   woman  official  who accused him of  having harassed her in public with the matter ending up at  the TJRC whereby  after  Public hearings  it was ruled  that  Khang’ati  should never hold Public Office in this  Nation.

On the other  hand  it is ironical that it is the same Raila Odinga   his meantor who  is pushing President Uhuru Kenyatta  to have the TJRC  report tabled in parliament  so that the Nation moves to  implement  the recommendations  in the report with a view  to  healing  wounds of the past injustices which have affected the people of Kenya  since the attainment of Independence.

With all indications that Jublee  has lost  grip  of Bungoma County , our investigations and surveys  on the ground reveal that  with Governor Lusaka on  sensing this impending   defeat, he  took to literally  meddling in NASA nominations by funding  Candidates whom  he believed will be weaker  hence  assist Jubilee to soften the blow from NASA.

For instance in Bumula  Constituency  Lusaka funded  one Wanami Wamboka who was perceived to be a weaker candidate than his rival Mwambu Mabonga by disrupting the Ford Kenya primaries with  the aim of  shutting  out Mwambu a and having Wamboka nominated   which he succeeded  to do.  However it  is becoming apparent  that despite Mwambu  having moved to  contest as  an independent candidate, the Ford Kenya   Party has decided to work with him   having  noticed Lusaka’s desperate moves.

Despite  this “show of might” from Lusaka, there  seems  to be no hope for  him to take charge of Bungoma  or Western Region Politics contrary  to the  expectations of his Jubilee  stalwarts  as  other areas  in the region are resisting   his being made the man in charge of Uhuru – Ruto campaign . They blame him for being weak and unable  to  coordinate  any program even  on his own behalf.