imagesBy Fabian Kaduka
If you ask me what is the most biggest problem confronting the society today and that would needs to be immediately done to fix/resolve this problem, I would ask you what is the most threat and/or change facing our society today?
Hypothetically speaking I would choose amongst other urgent/pressing problems of inequalities, poverty, physical infrastructures, moral outrage, old habits/bad attitudes & mindsets, illiteracy, law & order issues, institutional corruptions, environmental damages/pollution, economic problems, national security issues, food security, health related issues, sustainable growth and development issues, investments opportunities in agriculture and education(human integral development), health and women’s and youth’s empowerment and training, et cetera….
Until and unless these most pressing issues are addressed holistically and intelligently, then many problems will be properly and appropriately resolved. Henceforth, banking and exploiting our think tank/knowledge and innovation and expounding and harnessing the power of technology to attain such invaluable and resourceful data from our existing population would provide a concrete base for proper planning and execution of our millennium development goals and agendas!
Make wise choice and Vote for wise, educated, result oriented, focused and vibrant leaders come 2017.