ODM: Khang’ati Move To Support Jubilee Inconsequential

Khang'ati addressing an ODM meeting in the past...file photo



Bungoma county ODM supporters have accused the immediate Bungoma gubernatorial candidate Alfred Waswa Khang’ati over his move to join Jubilee Party.

Speaking in Bungoma, County Odm chairman Ali Mutoka said Khang’ati move to campaign for Jubilee in Bungoma is inconsequential adding that Khang’ati  suffers from political instability.

His sentiments were also echoed by Khalaba member of county assembly Majimbo Okumu  said  ODM is going to work with the NASA affiliate  parties to campaign for Raila Odinga without any petty issues that might split and lead the movement to split.

Okumu rubbished President Kenyatta’s statements over the ruling of the case that was appealed by the NASA presidential candidate after the general election that was held on 8th of last month

At the same time, Township MCA Joseph Maguda has said that IEBC should be keen in transferring the election results and make sure that the issue that was identified in rigging the election should be monitored to facilitate free and fare elections.

It will be remembered that in 2013 general elections president Uhuru Kenyatta received only 42,000 votes from the county but this time the figure rose to 127,000 as compared to Raila Odinga’s 286,000.