MP accused of looting CDF funds

Irate Members of the public demonstrating at Shinyalu market- Photo/Ong'ang'a Ochuodho/County Guardian News


By CGN Reporter

Business came to a standstill at Shinyalu market after supporters of area MP Kizito Mugalia engaged a group of lobby group in fist fights that was demonstrating against funds misuse.

The lobby group led by Michael Amalemba, political activists had mobilized area residents to protest against the lawmaker over misuse of the National Constituency Development Funds (CDF) funds.

Trouble started when the lobby group that had mobilized over 500 youths was marching to Shinyalu CDF offices with the aim of flushing out CDF employees.

Irate supporters of Shinyalu MP while wielding crude weapons descended on the demonstrators accusing them of being used by former MP Anami Lisamula to cause mayhem in the constituency.

The MP supporters lit tyres at Shinyalu market and also started throwing stones at passersby, motorcycles and vehicles that were coming to the market.

These forced policemen to repulse the irate youths and the demonstrators using teargas thus calming down the ugly incident that last close to two hours.

Shinyalu OCPD Mr Robert Makau said they dispersed the irate youths to prevent them from destroying property worth millions at the market, saying no one was injured during the fracas.

Mr Makau said they were investigating the matter and that they will arrest those who planned the demos.

Addressing the media earlier, Mr Amalemba claimed that the MP was colluding with heads of primary and secondary schools in the area to disburse development funds to the school accounts and then have the money refunded to him later.

Amalemba who led the demos at Shivakala primary school claimed that the MP brought a cheque of Sh1million to the school two months ago and then refunded back to him later.

“The MP then brought another cheque of Sh600, 000 which is now being used to construct two classrooms  that had been condemned by public health officials since they were not safe  to be used by pupils for learning purposes,” claimed Amalemba.

The school’s deputy headtecaher, Wycliffe Lungatso dismissed the claims saying that they only received Sh600, 000 to put up two new classrooms.

But a teacher who sought anonymity alleged that the MP through the former CDF funds manager brought Sh1million to the school and the money was withdrawn a week later.

“The former CDF manager came a week later and the headtecaher withdrew the money in which he was given Sh200, 000 and the rest the fund’s manager took it back to the MP on grounds that he was in need of the money,” the teacher claimed

Shivakala Primary School headtecaher, Mr Patrick Lisamula declined to talk to the media on the matter. “Those allegations are being handled by the DCI and the CDF committee and can’t comment on that matter,”

The school has dilapidated classrooms and four toilets that serve over 250 pupils in the school.

The lobby group also marched to Lirhanda girl’s high school where they wanted audience with the school principal Ms Linda Zalo but she was not in school.

Mr Gilbert Lumiti, one of the activists said Lirhanda girls was given Sh2.5million to put up a dormitory but the principal working on the MPs orders withdrawn the money and gave back to him.

According to Lumiti, the principal should be transferred to another school and be replaced with another one who can protect the tax payer’s money.

Ms Zalo when reached for comments said no CDF money has been brought to the school since 2015 when she took over as the principal, saying the CDF office should clarify the matter at hand.

And at Shamiloli Primary school, it’s claimed that the school received Sh2million from CDF kitty but the money was again reverted back to the MP.

Shamiloli head teacher, Mr Benedict Makhuyi, said the school only received Sh1million and that is still in the account. “We are just waiting clearance from CDF committee before we can spend the money after the funds claims were raised,”

Former Shinyalu CDF funds manager, Robert Gesicho refuted the claims that he was being used by the MP to disburse the money to schools and have it refunded back to them.

“I don’t know anything about the allegations being raised by the lobby group. I am clean and people should stop maligning my name,” said Mr Gesicho.

But Julius Shimenya, the current Shinyalu CDF manager, said the MP was away on official duties but said the money was squandered during the previous regime when Mr Anami Lisamula was area MP.

“Mr Kizito has launched investigations into the matter and all those found culpable will be taken to court,” he said.

Efforts to get former MP Mr Lisamula were futile since our calls went unanswered and didn’t respond to our text messages.