Man arraigned in Court after sex with bird



An 18 years old man from Nandolia village, Kanduyi constituency shocked the area villagers after being caught pants down defiling a three months old hen.

The 6.30AM bizarre incident took place on Sunday and when caught in the act, he was frog marched to Nzoia Sugar police station where he spentĀ  the night behind bars.

The suspect was arraigned at a Bungoma law courts today before senior principal magistrate Stephen Mogute and upon being read of the charges, he pleaded guilty.

Faith Koech, who is the prosecutor investigating the incident told the court that Kevin Juma should being jailed for committing unnatural offence contrary to the penal code and causing bodily harm to the hen that saw succumb to death before the case was over.

The prosecutor pleaded with the court to be given more to conclude investigations since they had taken the hen for postmortem and more so carry a DNA test of the semen that was extracted from the hen to ascertain whether it matches with that of the suspect.

The suspect asked the court to forgive him keeping into consideration that it was the first time he found himself behind bars and more so to enable him seek services of counsellor to help him back to normalcy.

Judith Nasimiyu the owner of the hen told the press that he had forgiven the suspect and that all she was requesting was a refund of her dead hen.