Lusaka,”Umukuka” and Uganda MPs front for stronger Bamasaaba ties.

Senate Speaker Ken Lusaka (3rd right) Kenyan High Commissioner to Uganda Rtd.Major General Geoffrey Okanga and Omukuka Sir Bob Mushikori standing next to Lusaka and other leaders from Bamassaba at Serena hotel in Kampala Uganda- Photo/Micah Sali/County Guardian News


By  Micah Sali.

The Kenyan Senate Speaker Kenneth Makelo Lusaka has promised to fortify  the “Inzu ye Bamasaaba” by persuading the Bamasaaba in Kenya to investing more time and resources  to support  the cultural institution  that has attracted patriotism  amongst the Bamasaaba people  who have been in political  and economic seclusion  in both Kenya and Uganda  for the last 4 decades.

Flanked by the “Umukuka” Sir Bob Mushikori, the Kenyan High Commissioner to Uganda Major Geoffrey Okanga and the Bamasaaba delegation that had attended the State of the nation address meeting addressed by President Yoweri Museveni, the Speaker was upbeat that the unity of the community will yield fruits for the community found at the slopes of Mt Elgon.

Sir Bob Mushikori, the second Umukuka called on all Bamasaaba people in both countries to forge for the communities’ socio-economic integration irrespective of their ideological orientations.

Mushikori called on the Kenyan leaders to invest their resources to establish the institution for posterity of the Bamasaaba people who are more than 8 million in East Africa and the diaspora.

Sir Mushikori has been vocal against overriding selfish ambition and disunity amongst the political leaders and heightened corruption in job placement for the youths in Eastern Uganda.

Youths have protested against rampant cases of extortion, bribery and nepotism by greedy leaders before allocating jobs to youths who automatically merit for the advertised jobs.

Yesterday the Umukuka held a candid meeting with the Bugisu parliamentary caucus at Kampala in Uganda to iron out the glaring differences that were threatening the integration of the community.

The meeting was convened by John Nambeshe, the MP for Mangia County in Bududa District to help reduce the growing tension between the cultural institution and the politicians that has been silently brewing up for long at the detriment of the populace who lives in abject poverty.

Other members of parliament present  included Grace Namukhula( Women MP-Namisindwa District)Rose Mutonyi(Bubulo West-Manafwa District);,Appollo Masika(Bubulo East-Namisindwa District),Vincent  Woboya(Budadidiri East-Sirongo District),(Justin Khainza-Bududa District)and (Connie Nakayenze-Mbale District) .

The MPs present promised to work together to establish the cultural institution and support all activities initiated by the “Umukuka” their party affiliations notwithstanding.

Speaker Kenneth Lusaka who represented the Kenyan President Uhuru Kenyatta at the state of the nation meeting assured the “Umukuka” that he will expedite for a meeting with10 emissaries of the “Umukuka” at Nairobi in July before the biannual “Imbalu” ceremony slated for August this year.

The ceremony that brings together the Bamasaaba will be held at Mbale in Uganda and will be attended by both native and prominent Bamasaaba leaders from Kenya, Uganda and the diaspora.

Umukuka has appointed a new secretary General Geoffrey Wepundi  and a team that will work out on modalities of  strengthening networking amongst leaders and timely  dissemination of  information to the masses about the activities and projects of the institution.