Health Workers To Reap Big From Aphia Plus



Aphia plus in collaboration with newborn improvement project [MANI] has promised to incorporate health workers in their systems as a recongizition.

The MANI project officer Felistus Naliaka  encouraged the CHVs to work hard as a team to make community in rural areas  grow healthy.

She also informed the CHVs on malaria during pregnancy and how to help pregnant mothers to give birth in hospital and not at home to reduce mart anal deaths.

She also tipped them  on how to help pregnant mother when they want to give birth and the importance of visiting clinics.

The chief of Musikoma area Mr. Charles Wesamba was also present in the meeting and he urged people to maintain peace and order especially during general election which will be on 8th august 2017.He added that if anyone see or find any mysterious happenings to report to the authorities  immediately.