Greedy Bugishu MPs put on notice by elders

Devolution Cabinet Secretary Eugene Wamalwa arriving for the Inzu ya Masaaba cultural ceremony in Mbale-Uganda last year-Photo/Courtsey

By Micah Sali.

The President of the Inzu ya Masaaba cultural institution  of Western Kenya and Eastern Uganda Sir Bob  Saul Kipiro Mushikori has cautioned Bugisu politicians to tame their appetite for power and emancipate the community from abject  poverty or end up in political oblivion.

Speaking to the CGN today, the ‘Umukuka’ asked like-minded Bugishu leaders to initiate a campaign against greed and form a strong economic federation that will attract support from the electorate and other communities if at all they are interested  in  clinching the top seat in the country in the near future.

Sir Mushikori rebuked greedy “shortsighted” Bugisu politicians for the current mess in the region adding  that they will never endear themselves to President Yoweri Museveni, other communities and the electorate until they shun corruption and  divisive politics that is evidently manifest among the “new crop of leaders “of the Bugisu region.

Budadiri MP Vincent Woboya is fighting for political survival and facing investigations for allegedly taking the lion’s share of the onion seeds without the knowledge of other Bugisu leaders.

The onion seeds were to be equally distributed to farmers in all Sub Counties through the Bugisu parliamentary caucus

Budadiri West MP Nandala Mafabi has called on the Inspector General of police to investigate the MP for misappropriating onion seeds meant to be shared by farmers from the region equally through the Bugisu parliamentary forum.

“How do they expect President Museveni to respect the community that is controlled by corrupt and divisive leaders? Umukuka wondered.

The MP received onion seeds on behalf of the Bugisu parliamentary caucus and listed the other members of parliamentary from the region as beneficiaries but the other members claimed that they were duped later on by the accused law maker.

“We thought these people were elected to unite us but they have ended up discarding their own people dividing us over partisan politics,” said Umukuka.

Politicians in the region have been accused of abetting corruption and silently “auctioning job opportunities to youths in all Bugisu districts with a stipend.

“They are introducing a new order of colonialism by offering jobs to whoever gives out Ush. 5 million in our districts,” he added.

“They are not respecting their employers and when we want to admonish them they shy away from our meetings, ”Mushikori

The cultural leader claimed he has received complaints from Bugisu job seekers that leaders were dishing out jobs at the district levels to cronies at “a fee” without following due process and called on all leaders to put their house in order or prepare to be ashamed by the electorate before the President when he visits the region early next month.

Sir Mushikori called on all youths from the region to emulate the integrity standards set by Lady Justice Catherine Bamugemereire and threatened to quit his position if the precedent set by the current leaders is not crashed.

The President of more than 7 million people who live in Kenya and Uganda appealed to sober leaders to help the masses by having an integrated approach in planning and execution of the communities’ economic and political agenda to secure a bright future for the community.

The Bamasaba cultural leadership is organizing for a grand soccer and netball tournament in conjunction with sports leaders from Kenya and Uganda in June this year   to promote cohesion as well as scout and develop raw   talent amongst the Bamasaaba youth.

Sir Bob Mushikori Kipiro is the second “Umukuka” of the “Inzu ya Masaaba”  and before his appointment he was the President of the Bamasaaba cultural Institution in the Diaspora for two decades.