Gospel musicians spend Christmas with orphans

Gospel Musician Everlyn Wanjiru (with a cap) -second left togther with her producer cum husband, Agundabweni Akweyu of Bwenieve production distributing food stuffs at Vumilia Children's Home in Kakamega - Photo/CGN Reporter


By CGN Reporter

Two gospel musicians Everlyn Wanjiru and Violet Wanjala spend their festive season visiting orphans in Kakamega and Bungoma.

The two were also out to identify talent among the vulnerable children so that they can recruit and mentor them into the gospel industry.

At least 100 orphans and those from vulnerable families congregated at Vumilia Childrens Home in Shinyalu Sub County where they were entertained by the musicians, played football and basketball. The Childrens home was started in 2006.

They distributed food stuffs such as ground nuts, beans, maize, wheat flour, cooking oil, books, uniforms, sanitary towels and shoes.

Speaking to the County Guardian News at the at the Childrens home, Ms Wanjiru said they chose to celebrate with the kids at the orphanage as a way of giving back to the community.

She said Christmas was a season of giving as faithfuls celebrate the birth of Jesus Christ.

“The children you are seeing here some are total orphans, those born out of wedlock and then abandoned and those who are from vulnerable families. Some of them are living with their aging grandmothers who are living from hand to mouth,” said Wanjiru.

The ‘Zaidi ya yote’ hit maker noted that they want to ensure the orphans especially those who sat for this year’s Kenya Certificate of Primary Education (KCPE) go to schools of their own choice so that they can be responsible citizens in future.

“Childrens are blessings from God and it pains me the most when I meet kids who have been either abandoned by their parents and left to live with their grandparents who are financially unstable. We will support them until they achieve their dreams,” said Wanjiru.

Wanjiru who is married in Kakamega, was accompanied by her producer cum husband, Agundabweni Akweyu of Bwenieve production.

Ms Wanjala said they have already identified talented orphans and will be recruited to Hifadhi Talanta Africa, a music academy where they will be mentored by the her (Wanjala) and Wanjiru so as to realise their full potential.

“We have at least 10 children who are good in solo performance and we have recruited them into our team. Some are good in acting and we will also support them,” said Wanjala.

Wanjala who is also a banker said they have also identified two choirs in Bungoma County who won a sponsorship for music recording both audio and video.

The choirs emerged the winner in a musician competition the musicians organized in Webuye town.

Other artists who graced the competitions are Rufftone, Florence Andenyi, Grace Sande and Timothy Kituyi.

Vumilia Childrens Home director, Rose Ayuma, thanked the musicians for supporting the orphans saying it’s not easy in keeping them at the Childrens home and providing for their needs.

“Many people have chosen to spend Christmas with their families but the musicians have decided to spend time with the kids. Christmas is about giving and showing love to the less fortunate,” said Ayuma.

She said some of the children they are supporting to pay tuition fees posted good results in this year’s KCSE saying one of the students, a girl, got a B –Plain.

Emmaculate Nyangasi, an orphan was schooling at Kereri Girls and scored a B Plain.