Five Suspected Thieves Arrested In Bungoma

Five Suspected Thieves Arrested In Bungoma
Five Suspected Thieves Arrested In Bungoma


Police in Bungoma town have today arrested five suspects who are believed
to be the gangs that have left Bungoma residents not able to sleep a wink
for fear of thieves breaking into their houses at the wee hours of the

Bungoma county AP commandant Paul Soi while confirming the incident
told the press that the five including two women were arrested while
returning from their usual activities today morning.

“We laid our trap this morning after receiving complain from the public
and we have succeeded to net five while one managed to escape.” Soi said.

The police commandant said that its believed gang has been using
extra-ordinary forces to protect themselves during their night raids.

“It is reported that they have been using extra-ordinary forces to break
into people’s houses and these forces makes their ‘client’ to remain
while they steal from him.” Soi added.

The police managed to recover three mattresses and a number of household
goods after arresting the said gang where he expressed confidence that they
recover more stolen items from the Bungoma residents.

Soi promised that the police will do their best to ensure they arrest
the remaining suspect. He called upon the public to continue cooperating
with the police in eradication of crime in the county.