Couple brutally murdered by unknown assailants


By Andrew Ombuni

A couple was found dead in their house in Lumino, Soy sub-location in Likuyani sub-county.

Bodies of Henry Mwangi Munywu aged 67 and his wife Zipporah Wamboi were found in this house yesterday after they went missing last Monday.

Peter Mburu, a son to the couple, said the assailants locked the house with a padlock from the outside following the incident.

Mr Mburu said his parents had visible cuts on their heads and serious injuries on their bodies.

“I have been trying to reach my mother through her phone but she was no responding to my calls since Tuesday morning. I told a boda boda rider to go and check on them but reported back that all the doors were closed,” said Mburu.

Mburu said the rider became suspicious after he found out that animals were still in their shed with the compound looking deserted, saying this prompted him to rush home and then they alerted area Community Policing Officer, Mr Joseph Njoroge.

“When the community policing officer came, we surveyed the homestead but they were nowhere to be seen. We peeped through the window of their house where we saw chairs and other furniture turned upside down,” he said.

Mr Joseph Njoroge, Community Policing Officer, said that they alerted neighbours who agreed to break the door since it had been locked from outside.

He said after getting inside the house, they were shocked to see all household property including the furniture scattered everywhere, an indication there was a serious commotion inside the house.

“We were welcomed by a bad smell from one of the rooms and after through searching, we discovered the rotting body of Ms Zipporah Wamboi which had been covered with several blankets,” said Mr Njoroge.

Njoroge said her mouth had also been covered with a piece of cloth.

The Community Policing Officer added that upon moving to the to the second room, they also found the body of 67-year-old Mzee Mwangi which had been covered with several mattresses and  with hands tied at the back using a piece of cloth.

“When we discovered the body of his wife, we thought the old man had murdered her and fled away until we found his body,” he said.

Likuyani location Chief Mr Jahonga Charles Banda confirmed the incident saying investigations have been launched after the incident.

The Chief Banda appealed to anybody who has information about the incident to volunteer information to the police so that the suspects can be arrested and asked the area residents to remain calm and leave the remaining work to the police.