Mr Benjamin Olenja : He is an alumni of Compassion International Kenya’s Leadership Development Program and a YALI Regional Leadership Centre East Africa May 2018 Fellow.


By Benjamin Olenja

The current debate on the conservation of the Mau catchment tower has again attracted politics and chest thumping by politicians as they drum support for themselves ahead of the 2022 General Elections.

The matter has been reduced from the significant value of the resource not only to its immediate inhabitant neighbors and the nation at large, and its effects in the entire East African region to a political contest with the hope that it will help “our man” ascent to the higher office from where he may be able to share the plunder with “us” giving us a chance to eat.

This is very disturbing especially for purposes of posterity and the provision of a healthy and clean environment for generations to come.

It is immature when what matters is how as a people, we look for loopholes through which our “men” will continue holding onto power at the expense of destruction of the natural resources that are necessary for good weather patterns and availability of clean water for all of us.

To have a nation that will move from its current level – to a developed nation, we have a responsibility to a part from chasing vision 2030 and Africa’s vision 2063, ensure that part of its components like the conservation of the natural resources including Mau is well catered for with the highest integrity.

To effect this, there is need to ensure those that have violated the law on the conservation of Mau water tower, are subjected justly to the rule of law and their rights honored even as we seek to bring sanity and order in efforts to conserve and restore the water tower.

There is need to also help such people to know the importance of the conservation efforts beyond the individualistic interests of them that would want to use them to clinch political office as an advantage of the matter.

It is alarming and worrying as well when we see ‘leaders’, who are from the government side speaking contrary to their own government policy. Infighting, betrayal, back lashing and highhandedness will not conserve the Mau catchment tower nor help actualize the four pillars of jubilee government but instead derail it.

Mau and other water catchment towers must be subjected to concerted efforts of conservation, in so doing, the future generation will have a reason to celebrate us rather than feel the shame of an irresponsible generation of leaders who did nothing to protect the country’s most crucial resources but instead squandered the opportunity by only engaging in political expediency.

It’s high time that the ministry(s) involved both at the national level and at the devolved units to come up with tough policy initiatives that will deter destruction of our resources no matter the state of politics.

With this we may have a country that will keep its land cover and not slide into a desert, we will have a nation that food will not be scarce because of favorable weather patterns, we will have a nation in which the wildlife will not be in constant conflict with the humans hence reducing their extinction, we will have a nation that all of us will be proud to call home.

To this extent therefore, it is my personal passionate appeal that all concerns should ensure that a lasting solution is brought to fore on the matter of Mau water catchment tower – that will also go ahead and spare us inter community conflicts.

The writer is an alumni of Compassion International Kenya’s Leadership Development Program and a YALI Regional Leadership Centre East Africa May 2018 Fellow.Email: