Civil groups join NASA resistance movement

From right, Albert Lumumba, chairman of the Citizens for Good Governance, Philip Wanyonyi Wekesa (2nd right) and other lobby group members after addressing the press in Bungoma town


A number of civil societies in Western Kenya have joined the National Super Alliance (NASA) resistance movement on civil disobedience.

The societies under the umbrella ‘Citizens for Good Governance’ said they decided to support NASA after the Government started frustrating NGOs and civil society organizations that are perceived to be leaning to the Opposition.

He said the lobby groups being targeted are those that deal with good governance and human rights activism.

Speaking to County Guardian yesterday in Bungoma town, Citizens for Good Governance secretary general, Philip Wekesa, said the State was using the NGO Coordination Board chairman, Fazul Mohamed, to silence them since they do not condone impunity.

“The Government is frustrating NGO’s and lobby groups deemed to be Opposition friendly as a way of ensuring we do not challenge the re-election of President Uhuru Kenyatta. It is our view that the repeat polls were sham and we will not recognize Jubilee government even if Uhuru is sworn in,” Mr Wekesa said.

He said they are affiliate members to Katiba Institute, the Africa Centre for Open Governance (AfriCoG) and Kenya Human Rights Commission (KHRC),adding that the State cannot silence them when they fighting for the rights of Kenyans.

“Our role is to provide oversight to government institutions like the IEBC which has bungled two elections consecutively. We will back NASA calls to boycott some products that participated in bungling the elections where the will of the electorate was not respected,” he said.

He added: “Civil disobedience under Article 37 is the most effective, peaceful and legal way of engaging a regime that is reluctant to fight corruption and extra-judicial killings of civilians,” Wanyonyi said.

Wekesa reiterated that they are in full support of boycott of products since those employed in the companies that were mentioned by NASA leaders do not employ Kenyans from other regions in top management and that they do not represent the face of Kenya.

“Profiling of Kenyans along the tribal lines, killing of the 400 cows in Laikipia and leaders imposing themselves to power against the will of the electorate is what we are against,” he said.

Citizens for Good Governance Chairman Albert Lumumba added that the Jubilee government has transformed itself into a rogue government that is hungry for power.

Mr Lumumba asked Kenyans to support their move and help reform the country of dictatorial tendencies saying article 1 of the constitution gives them the sovereign power that has to be exercised directly by themselves.