Church leaders make politicians to ‘steal’ to fund harambees

Mumias East MP Benjamin Washiali flanked by his supporters – Photo/Andrew Ombuni/County Guardian News


By CGN Reporter

National Assembly Chief Whip Benjamin Washiali has said that church harambees are making politicians poor.

Washiali said this during a fund raiser for boda boda Sacco in Malava Sub County where he said church leaders have hatched a plot of calling politicians to fund raise for them in exchange of ‘Special prayers’.

According to the Mumias East lawmaker, politicians resort to looking for money through corrupt means in a bid to get extra cash to splash in harambees.

“Before I came here today, I have conducted at least 18 church harambees in my constituency. The matter is complicated during campaigns in which when you give Sh10,000 in a funds drive, they don’t clap for you but when your competitor gives Sh100,000, he is clapped for and gets the ‘Special prayer,” said Washiali.

Washiali who has declared his interest for the Kakamega gubernatorial seat noted that come 2022, he will never campaign using money since it will make him ‘steal’ the tax payers money to recover the cash he used during the campaign period.

“Since I declared my interest to vie for the Kakamega governorship position, it means you spend Sh0.5million in a single weekend which translates to Sh2million in a month. For one year you would have spent Sh24million and for the next four years before 2022 polls, you will have coughed out Sh96million,’ said Washiali

Besides church harambees taking a big chunk of his money, Washiali said he is supposed to contribute more cash in Matanga and some to give to his supporters, saying you need Sh200million to win a governorship seat.

“The salary of a governor is Sh1.5million which in 60 months (5years ) will be Sh90million.Where will you get the balance to ensure you recover your campaign money. This is the genesis of why politicians after getting elected, they swindle the tax payers money to recover campaign money,” said Washiali.

The chief whip also lashed out at former Kakamega senator Dr Boni Khalwale (who was present at the event) that he is not a good bet for the governorship position since he talks too much and that he is not development conscious.

According to Washiali, the ‘bullfighter’ should consider going back for the senate seat, saying they will even oil his campaigns and ask the electorate to vote for him since he works better in the senate.

“Governorship position needs someone who talks less and works hard like me (Washiali). Khalwale if elected can forget he is the county CEO and go to the streets to decampaign himself,” he said.

But in a quick rejoinder, Khalwale rubbished Washiali as being a political and an academic dwarf who doesn’t understand the political dynamics of Kakamega County.

“Washiali says am noisy and thinks he is wise. You can’t be the President of Kenya or governor if you are not vibrant and good in speech like me. Winston Churchill, Barack Obama, Uhuru Kenyatta and William Ruto made a name for themselves since they were vibrant,” said Khalwale.

He added: “Am an orator and that’s why I talk a lot and will win over them. I have met senior opponents for the last 20 years I have been in politics and I conquered them all,’