CECs, Chief Officers will have one year renewable contract- Ojaamong

usia Governor Sospeter Ojaamong and First Lady Judy Ojaamong at Uganda Martyrs Busia Catholic Church on Sunday.

By CG Reporter

Busia Governor-elect Sospeter Ojaamong has revealed that County Executive Committee Members and Chief Officers will have their contracts renewed every year depending on their performance.
Speaking at Uganda Martyrs Busia Catholic Church where he attended a thanks giving mass, the Governor-elect the CECs and COs will no-longer think they will serve for five years without justifying their performance.
” Those who will be given a chance to serve under my administration will renew their contracts every year based on their performance. If you fulfill what you have promised County residents I will renew not hesitate to renew your contract. The opposite will see you go home,” he said.
Ojaamong said he will no-longer be regarded as a laughing governor.” I want my officers to do their duty to perfection. I don’t want blames after five years that I am bad and yet it is my officers who have failed in service delivery.”
The Governor-elect thanked the people of Busia for re-electing him and for carrying out peaceful campaigns. ” I duly won the elections and I dedicate the victory to all who voted for me and those who didn’t.
I promise to discharge my duties to the best of my ability after being sworn in. Residents should get the value for their money , thus the need by all officers to ensure such aspirations are realized,” he said.
First Lady Judy Ojaamong urged those who lost in the elections to concede defeat and work with those who won, adding that elections come and go but Busia will remain.
Busia County Commissioner Michael Ole Tialal thanked the Governor-elect for his re-elections and for maintaining peace through the campaigns , adding that no post-election violence were reported in most part s of the county apart from Marachi but which was contained by security personnel before it could escalate.
The CC urged the business community in Busia who have not opened their premises to do so and assured them of safety of their investments.
The parish priest Fr Bernard Omuse said God had chosen those who emerged winners during the elections and urged those who lost to work with them.